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tv   Sport Today  BBC News  January 5, 2017 1:45am-2:01am GMT

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the world cup winner says his time as skipper is done, but he'll play on. and andy murray wins in qatar to make the quarter finals. all things have to come to an end, especially good things. chelsea's winning run has come to an end. the english premier league leaders lost 2—nil at tottenham on wednesday night. chelsea had already matched arsenal's record of 13—wins in a row when they beat stoke last week, but they were hoping to break that record with a 14th victory. it wasn't to be and spurs have this man to thank for the win. dele alli, getting both goals for the home side who are now seven—points behind chelsea. conte‘s blues had been unbeatable in october, november and december, but they came undone at white hart lane. chelsea are still five points clear at the top, but their defeat will give spurs, now in third, and liverpool in second hope that they can be caught. i think it's a massive victory. a
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very important to point to reduce the gap with the top of the table. i think it was very tough, tough game. we were playing against one of the best teams and four that the value of the victory is massive. it is not easy to play against tottenham, ina it is not easy to play against tottenham, in a way, but i think we showed good personality to play foot ball showed good personality to play football and create chances to score goals. but we didn't take them. we conceded two gauls, very similar. it isa conceded two gauls, very similar. it is a pity, but it is important to know that this can happen. —— goals. it is important now to continue to work very hard and to improve every day. real madrid look well—placed to reach the quarter—finals of the copa del rey after a comfortable win over sevilla in the first leg of their last 16 tie. james rodriguez scored twice
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in their 3—0 victory at the bernabeu. in the night's other games, alcorcon were held to a goalless draw by fellow second division side cordoba, and real sociedad beat villarreal 3—1. real madrid's win came on the day that zinedine zidane marked his first anniversary as head coach. real have now gone a club record 38 games unbeaten in all competitions and have only lost twice in his 53 games in charge. it's been quite a 12 months since he took over from rafael benitez. he's won three trophies, starting with the champions league when they beat city rivals atletico in the final in milan lastjune. and so far this season, real madrid have beated sevilla to win the european super cup, and then came the club world cup in december, with cristiano ronaldo scoring a hat—trick in their extra—time victory over kashima antlers. journalistjuan castro says zidane‘s strength lies in his ability to relate to the players not tactics.
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i will say that tactically he isn't a genius, he isn't likejose mourinho, pep guardiola. they can change the game inside one match. he isn't this kind of coach. i think he isn't this kind of coach. i think he is best achievement is to integrate all of the stars of real madrid and to play under one... only one name. on to cricket and ms dhoni has resigned as the captain of india's limited overs teams, but he'll still be available for selection as a player. during his decade as skipper, india won both the 50—over and the world t20. indian cricket commentator prakesh wakankar says the news is no surprise. only ms will know the real answer,
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but those who have been fortunate to know him for a bit actually not that surprised. i think this was coming andi surprised. i think this was coming and i think the primary reason for it really could be broken up into two things, in my opinion. the first is the fact that he would never want to be ina is the fact that he would never want to be in a position that he has had to be in a position that he has had to examine or speak with selectors for senior members of his own side in years gone by. he would therefore not want to be in the odi side because he is captain. he would want to be there first and foremost if he is wanted by selectors as a player and then i suspect that as a player, given his record, it comes naturally that he would lead. so there has been some question about that. i suppose that would be the primary driver of his decision. second, with the champions trophy not far away and then following that the world cup, both in india as we know, he would clearly want to make sure that
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once the captain is appointed that captain is then able to formulate his own strategy and pretty much have his own side. if you think about it, he has been that kind of captain all of his career and i think this is a decision which in the immediate interests of indian cricket is one that shows immense maturity, rate thinking and allows virat kohli, who is clearly the man for the future, to now in many ways dictate what he would like to see all the way from here, through to the world cup, with the champions trophy as an important step on the way. rain has washed out the first session of day three in sydney. pakistan will eventually resume on 126—2, with australia well on top in the third and final test against pakistan. the hosts made 538—8 in theirfirst innings. pakistan made an awful start to their reply and were six for two at one stage.
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they will hope to bat for the rest of the day, if they start any time soon, and of course beyond. still a lot of catching up to do. meanwhile, south africa look to be heading for victory in the second test against sri lanka. the home side declared their 2nd innings on 224—7 on the third day in cape town and that leaves the tourists chasing a record 507 to win. they're130—4. doesn't look likely. jason day ended 2016 as the world number one and he says he wants to stay there throughout 2017. day tees off on thursday in the pga tour's calendar—year opener the tournament of champions. to say that you finished number one at the end of the year, i would like to go at the end of the year, i would like togoa at the end of the year, i would like to go a full year. notjust go half a yearand to go a full year. notjust go half a year and finish at number one, because even though it is great, i would like to go a full year and
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then slowly build on that. i know what i need to do, ijust need to keep working hard and practising and hopefully the results come with the process. that's one of the goals this year. obviously to win majors and win as much as i can, but win majors and try to stay number one for the whole year. hopefully his back will hold up. the tournament of champions is open to win is on the tour last year. jordan spieth arrived in hawaii as the defending champion. but 2016 was, relatively, a disappointing yearfor him. i was happy when 2017 started. it was still a great year in 16, but i learned a lot on both ends of things, highs and lows, which i didn't really have many lows in 15 and before that it was just trying to climb up to the top level. so i learnt a lot from the highs and lows and therefore i think i can use that to my advantage this year and on.
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tennis and world number one andy murray is through to the quarter—finals of the qatar open. he shows no signs of stopping. the wimbledon and olympic champion beat austria's gerald melzer in straight sets, but he was made to work a bit, at least in the first set. against the man who's ranked number 68 in the world. murray took the first set on a tie—break and then won the second 7—5. that's 26 straight wins, now, for murray, who now plays nicolas almagro of spain in the quarter—finals. novak djokovic, the defending champion in doha, is also true to the quarter—finals. he won in under one hour, 6—3, 6—4. afterwards, the man he had just beaten asked him for a selfie. what is going on? let's leave you with this, a fantastic story. robert marchand has set a world
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record by riding just over 22.5 kilometers in one hour. the key to this story — he's 105. the frenchman, who was told once that he'd never achieve anything on a bike, took to the veldrome. that was a couple of years after he had done it before. in the —— 2012 we set a record in the over—100s category. afterwards he said he was slightly disappointed with his performance! one of his trainers put it down to the fact that he had given up eating meat recently. you can get more on that story at our website. see you soon. hello there, good morning. quite a widespread frost to start the day today. most of us are firmly in some really quite cold air coming down from the north.
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and the cold feel to things is accentuated by the northerly breeze along the eastern coast. but, elsewhere, the winds are a little bit lighter, the skies are clear, allowing temperatures to plummet away, even towns and cities around of below freezing, rural parts in the heart of england —6 or —7 degrees. so, a really cold for most. not so cold in southern cornwall, five or six here, but you don't have to go too far inland you find much lower temperatures, —1, —2 at eight o'clock in the morning, so it will be a cold start for england and wales. maybe a little ice for some on untreated surfaces in eastern parts of england where we've seen some overnight showers. some parts of northern ireland have a touch of frost, and it will be quite widespread for northern england into most of scotland, although the northern and western isles just about escaping. we still have the brisk winds into the afternoon for eastern england. maybe still a shower or two. most places will be fine and dry. a good deal of sunshine and light winds as well. but after the cold start, temperatures are slow to rise. maybe only two or three degrees for northern areas, fours and fives in cardiff
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and london, but sevens and eights out towards belfast and plymouth. early on thursday evening the frost returns for many but, by the end of the night, as cloud and rain moves in, the wind picks up for the north and west of the uk, by the end of the night some frost and fog is confined to the south—eastern corner. but it will be a pretty grey day for many of us on friday. the fog is slow to clear in the south—eastern corner. it should do eventually. all the rain in the north and west becomes light and patchy with some hill fog to go with that. it is a pretty grey day. the rain into the south—east in the afternoon. starting to turn a little bit less cold. we get up to, what, 5—7 in norwich and london. how to the west, belfast and plymouth, ten or 11 degrees and a mild air continues to filter its way in through friday night and on into saturday. we see the wind coming from the atlantic. always a mild direction. it will bring a fair bit of moisture with it, a lot of cloud and a bit of rain to start the weekend but the rain will be light and patchy and i think many places will be fine and dry. and those temperatures are back up
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into double figures in the south of the uk, not too far from that for northern areas as well. not so cold to start the day on sunday but it will be another cloudy day. the wind still coming in from the west and temperatures will be up to about eight or nine degrees quite widely, ten or 11 further south and any rain i suspect will be light and patchy, so turning mild into the weekend, but there is a lot of cloud around, not much rain but a little bit of patchy rain and drizzle. a very warm welcome to bbc news, broadcasting to our viewers in north america and around the globe. my name's mike embley. our top stories. counting down the final days in office as congress battles over president obama's legacy. israel's prime minister, benjamin neta nyahu calls for the pardon of a soldier convicted of manslaughter for killing a wounded palestinian attacker. after a large crowd of men molest women during new year celebrations — police in southern india arrest six people. and spinning his way through old age. at 105 years old, this frenchman has set a new cycling record. in the final days of his
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administration, the cornerstone of president obama's legacy is being fought over by congress.
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